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Freedom Nights

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Learning your history gives you freedom in the future. Join us for a night of history, food and fun times. BLA Freedom Nights is a literacy club whose goal is to improve literacy skills through the teaching of periods in African-American History, coupled with fun literary assignments and projects.

  • Learn about your past

  • Eat and Chat

  • Games and Activities


The program will be led by a certified educator from the local community, supported by a literary coach and reading tutors with experience working with students in grades 5-8.


October 28th: Why AFRICA?

November 18th: What was the TransAtlantic Slave Trade and why is that still important to know?

January 20th: What role did African Americans play in settling the west?

February 10th: What role did HBCU’s play in the freedom of African Americans?

March 2nd: Why did people March: The Civil Rights Movement in America

March 23rd: What was Black Panther and Who were the Black Panthers?

April 13th: The Harlem Renaissance: Poetry Focus 

May 4th: The Harlem Renaissance: Poetry Focus: Continued 

May 25th: Juneteenth

June 15th: End-of-Program Celebration - Theme: Juneteenth

Additional Information

Program Registration is now open and we are recruiting for Literacy Coach, Reading Tutor and volunteers to help for 3 hours during the Saturday sessions.


To register your child for the program, please click here: 

To volunteer, please complete the form below

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