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BLA Saturday Academy
Literacy Club

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The goal of the club is to improve literacy skills through the teaching of periods in African-American History, coupled with fun literary assignments and projects. The program will be led by a certified educator from the local community, supported by a literary coach and reading tutors with experience working with students in grades 5-8.

The program objectives will be accomplished through the following activities:

  • Book clubs based on specifically curated books to combat the national strategic ban on books

  • Special projects related to the books and lessons

  • Working with experienced diverse literacy coaches and reading tutors to enhance the program, while also providing opportunities for parents to gain literacy coaching experience to help their children at home throughout the school year, and empower parents with the ability to make informed decisions about their child(ren)'s education.


October 28th: Why AFRICA?

November 18th: What was the TransAtlantic Slave Trade and why is that still important to know?

January 20th: What role did African Americans play in settling the west?

February 10th: What role did HBCU’s play in the freedom of African Americans?

March 2nd: Why did people March: The Civil Rights Movement in America

March 23rd: What was Black Panther and Who were the Black Panthers?

April 13th: The Harlem Renaissance: Poetry Focus 

May 4th: The Harlem Renaissance: Poetry Focus: Continued 

May 25th: Juneteenth

June 15th: End-of-Program Celebration - Theme: Juneteenth

Additional Information

Program Registration is now open and we are recruiting for Literacy Coach, Reading Tutor and volunteers to help for 3 hours during the Saturday sessions.


To register your child for the program, please click here: 

To apply for one of the positions, please click one of the links below for more information and application instructions:

To volunteer, please complete the form below

Volunteer with Us

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