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A Youth Employment & Workplace Readiness Program
Ages 18 - 24

The Real World (TRW) is an employment and workplace readiness program designed to serve the 18-24 year-old population. The goal of the program is to teach soft and hard skills, connect these young people to employers, and to learn about what specific industries they are interested in and to connect them to resources that will help them reach those goals.

Our program is designed to accomplish the following goals:

  • Hold monthly sessions to present fundamental employment topics;

Zoom Link to Monthly Sessions

  • Use the monthly sessions to find out what attendees like to do and are passionate about in order to connect them with resources to help them reach their goals;

  • Serve as a supplemental resource to case workers and other agencies working with this population;

  • Provide a small stipend for attending the monthly sessions;

  • Support them in their employment search while helping them learn how to excel, develop and move up in their chosen career paths;

  • Provide speakers at each session to discuss a specific career path;

  • Engage mental health professionals and case workers to help facilitate and work with youth that need those services.


Our mission overall is to support our community's youngest workforce population in order to set them up for success in careers, entrepreneurship, as business owners, non-profit leaders, etc. Our ultimate goal is to run a successful temporary employment agency specifically for youth ages 18-24.

Program Cycle
The program is presented as a year-round program offering monthly sessions via Zoom and hybrid for those interested in coming in-person. We are constantly engaging local businesses and corporations to build a network of employment options, in addition to working with local non-profits doing similar work, working with this population in different ways, and/or those that provide the support services that we need to connect the participants with.


  • Reach 50 unique individuals through our monthly sessions;

  • At least 15 job placements during this year’s program cycle (July 2023 – Jun 2024);

  • Engage at least 50 local businesses to present the organization to;

  • Connect all 50 unique individuals to support services.

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