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HOPE for the Future: Programs


Student Success, Every Day!

Have fun, and connect with others, build and maintain relationships, and practice social skills to boost personal development and wellbeing.

Upcoming Events

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Project Purpose

To provide activities to address mental wellness, offer social activities and additional tutoring.


Services Offered

Peer Support Groups 

Fun Virtual Group Activities 

Wellness Check-Ins with Parents 

Individual and/or Group Counseling 

Individual and/or Group Tutoring 

Timeframe: December – March

Examples of some of the activities being planned:


  • Peer Support Groups 

    • Organized by topic, age, gender, grade, etc.


  • Fun Group Activities (Virtual & In-Person) 

    • Virtual or In-Person Karaoke/Concert/Talent Show 

    • Virtual or In-Person Paint Party 

    • Virtual or In-Person Game Night 

    • Virtual College Tours 

    • Virtual Movie Nights 

    • Virtual or In-Person Ancestry Activities 

    • Virtual Make-Up Tutorials 

    • Virtual and/or In-Person Physical Activities/Exercise 

    • Special Speakers 

    • Short Films (ideas: History/Culture, Entrepreneurship, NASA) & Discussion  Afterwards 

    • Special Holiday/Theme Events

    • End of Project Celebration

  • Wellness Check-Ins with Parents 

    • Check-Ins with parents to see how they are holding up and if there is any  support they need

  • Individual and/or Group Counseling 

  • Individual and/or Group Tutoring

Helping Our People to Excel, Incorporated’s (H.O.P.E., Inc.) mission is to provide opportunities for men, women and children to become strong individuals, strong families, and as a consequence, strong communities. Community & Church Leaders Assuring Student Success (C.L.A.S.S.) is a service program run by the Education division of H.O.P.E, Inc., H.O.P.E. for the Future. It is a combined effort with community and church leaders whose mission is to use their power, ability, and influence to advance student success in Title I schools throughout the state of Connecticut. We define student success as not only strong retention and diploma completion rates, but also high-quality learning. It means that students are prepared for success in their personal, civic, and professional lives, and that they embody the values and behaviors that make their lives fulfilling, not only for them but for their family and generations to come.

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